Senior Spotlight: Jackson Kai
Rico Ewell, Writer • June 6, 2024

Jackson Kai and I share 2nd and 5th period at Capital High School. He's easy to find and easy to talk to. When I thought about who to interview for this project, I knew I wanted to get to know better someone I spent 2 hours...

Peyton Heller in his Japanese classroom.
Senior Spotlight: Peyton Heller
Miles Salvi June 3, 2024

This Senior Spotlight will highlight Peyton Heller.  Peyton and I have shared multiple classes over the past couple of years when I have gotten to know him.  I hope in reading this article, more people will get to know...

Voter Engagement at CHS
Bridger Moon, Writer • March 29, 2024

With approximately a quarter of the CHS student body becoming eligible to vote yearly, we must discuss voting and how it functions in our democracy. As a current senior at CHS and someone who has already pre-registered to...

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Strengthening the CHS Community Post COVID.
Bridger Moon, Writer • June 3, 2024

Our current community at CHS could be aptly described as Isolated and Introverted, less of a collective and more of a collection. In a post-COVID CHS, most of the change enacted towards strengthening our community has felt...

Is the CHS library solid?
Is the CHS library solid?
Zachary Prince, Writer • May 10, 2024

  Is the Capital High School Library a solid one? By Zachary Prince  Edited by Oscar Ferko   Libraries are vital to the learning system as a whole. They provide raw information of all sorts completely...

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Kevin Nguyen, Journalist • January 31, 2023

February 3, 2021
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