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OSD faces declining enrollment, this is their response
Meredith Morgan November 13, 2023

Following the trend of a national decline in enrollment, Olympia School District is expecting about 10% fewer students over the next ten years. Our funding as a district is based on our enrollment, and without the enrollment...

Olympia-Rafah Solidarity Mural Project
Palestine and Israel: Close to Home
Meredith Morgan November 13, 2023

After a devastating terrorist attack on October 7th, Israel has declared war on the militant group Hamas, which controls the Palestinian region of Gaza. The effects of this conflict are already staggering, and much remains...

50+1 the last line of Defense for World Football
Bridger Moon, Writer • October 12, 2023

With the Saudi government funding its football league, there has been an enormous influx of money. The Saudi justification for increased spending is to turn their low-ranked, obscure, and irrelevant league into a premier...

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Military Propaganda in Schools
Bridger Moon, Writer • October 27, 2023

It has become impossible to step foot into U.S. schools without facing military propaganda. It is so ingrained in our systems, even on an elementary level. The reaction to recruiters in our school is nonchalant and expected....

MLB Logo
MLB Needs Changes
Miles Salvi October 26, 2023

The MLB has been losing fans more than any of the other major sports leagues in the US (NFL, NHL, NBA).  They made rule changes this last year that raised viewership and stopped their downward trend, but they have to do...

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Kevin Nguyen, Journalist • January 31, 2023

February 3, 2021
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