In or Out of State University?


Eva Star, Editor

College and university is just as exciting as it is terrifying, there are many concerns this year especially about acceptance rates, financial troubles, and mental health causing college dropout rates to skyrocket. This raises a question that is always asked around the dinner table, in state or out of state education? In this article we will be exploring the pros and cons of going out of state for your college education. 

Olympia is a beautiful place, there is a lot of culture and progressiveness here, however there are also major issues. Unhoused individuals, the issue here with heroin and opiates, and our declining school system. These are all things that are major contributors to residents feeling unsafe and insecure about their success here. There is, however, a lot of history in Washington. The grunge scene was what really put Washington on the radar for culture centers across the world. It gave Washington a bigger purpose than before. Washington is also the number six ranked most beautiful state in the United states. It is a wonderful place to grow up, and a wonderful place to get a college education. 

Washington is also expensive. At least the places where most colleges and universities are, it is an extremely expensive state when you are a young adult who is just getting started. 

One thing that helps with this is being a resident, in-state tuition for colleges is significantly lower than the state tuition otherwise. 

It is also good to be close to home, people don’t realize how much they need their parents until they are away from them. 

However, being dependent on your parents is always a bad thing. And as beautiful as Washington is, getting out and exploring new environments, being around new people, and being able to build your own life is so extremely important. Nobody wants to be the person that lived in the same city or state their whole lives. 

It really just depends where your financial, educational, mental, and social priorities lie. It is a choice you must make on your own, so remember not to let anybody else dictate where you get your college education.