Mission Statement:

Outlook consistently remains an open forum of discussion and debate for the greater Capital High School community. Outlook seeks to inform, enlighten and entertain this community in a manner and medium that is relevant to the members of this community.

Outlook has the right to accept or reject in whole or in part every editorial submission for the purpose of content, decency and space available.

If you are interested in submitting to the paper, email us at [email protected]


Social Media Policy:

We, the Outlook Staff, dedicates ourselves to the circulation of relevant news to our students and community. As such, we refrain from posting rumor or hearsay, and ask you do the same. Do not misrepresent yourself or post information you know to be incorrect. We encourage productive discussion by our readers, and will hold their comments to the same standards as our writers. We reserve the right to remove any comments and posts that are irrelevant to the Outlook’s mission statement, or are profane, discriminatory, threatening, malicious, or commercial in nature. Comments and posts do not necessarily reflect the views of the paper or our staff. Readers are responsible for abiding by local laws regarding copyright.

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