2018-2019 Staff

Avery Parsons

Photo Editor

Avery Parsons has been in Journalism since September of 2018. He is expected to graduate June 14th of 2019. His jobs within journalism is photo editing as that is where his expertise lies, although, he writes song recommendations ...

Tate Smith

Photo Editor

Tate Smith is a photographer and a photo editor for the Capital Outlook newspaper and has prior experience using photoshop and indesign. Tate has a unique eye for photo's and an attitude that makes him constantly look for the...

Khristine Sandwith

Copy Editor

Khristine Sandwith writes various pieces for journalism and stories. She currently works as a copy-editor for the Capital Outlook newspaper. Working for Capital Outlook will be her first experience in journalism and plans working...

Per Kohlstaedt

Copy Editor

Profile Per Kohlstaedt is a senior student at Capital High School, in Olympia Washington. He is expected to be graduating in the year 2019. Per is currently a copy editor in the high school journalism class at CHS. This class wr...

Tustin Mace

Copy Editor

Tustin Mace is a copy editor for the current Capital Outlook newspaper for Capital High School. He is a senior at CHS, and is expected to graduate in 2019. His freshman year, he partook in a digital design class at CHS, giving him...

Maddie Cognasso

Copy Editor/Writer

Maddie Cognasso is a copy editor for the Outlook Newspaper at Capital High School. This is her first year in Journalism, however she has taken honors english and is currently enrolled in IB Literature and Language. Maddie’s expect...

Max Hesse-Morgan

Page Editor

Max Hesse-Morgan is the Arts and Entertainment page editor for the Capital High School's Outlook. She is currently expected to graduate in June 2019. She is fluent in using Photoshop and especially fluent in using Adobe InDesign....

Prashanta Natarajan

Page Editor

Prashanta Natarajan has been working as an active artist for over 8 years. A senior attending Capital High School, Prashanta Natarajan is expected to graduate in early 2019. Samples of his work can be found online through @co...

Kylie Hayden

Managing Editor

Kylie Hayden is a managing editor for the Capital Outlook Newspaper. She has been on the Outlook staff for two years and is trained in the use of Adobe Office Suites and copy editing. Kylie is to graduate in 2o19 and plans to...


Page editor

Elijah House is a senior at Capital High school. He has been actively writing short stories for 8 years and enjoys being able to put those skills to use as his job as a Page Editor on The Capital Outlook Newspaper.  Elijah's f...

Armando Peters

Page editor

AJ Peters has been working with InDesign for only a couple months but picked it up quickly and efficiently, He is able to put papers together in a short amount of time. AJ Peters is a very quick learner and since he is still n...

Kiana Orta

Photo editor

Kiana is expected to graduate June 14th of 2019. Kiana is also in journalism, where she is currently Photo editor. Kiana also has experience in both InDesign and Photoshop. Kiana has also written an article for the Capital High...

Sydney Spaulding


Sydney Spaulding, 17, hardworking and good in a group-oriented setting. Meets deadlines, knows how to use Photoshop and InDesign. Works well under pressure and aims to succeed.

Samuel Doyle


Samuel Doyle is a photographer for the Capital Outlook Newspaper. Samuels is spending his senior year on the paper and he expects to graduate in 2019. His job is to take photos of everyone that was interviewed for any article...

Jeremy SPence

Picture editor

Jeremy Spence is a Photo Editor and Investigative Reporter for the Capital Outlook Newspaper. Jeremy enjoys his job on the paper because it gives him a new perspective on things going on in and outside of school. Jeremy is graduating...

Cayli Yanagida

Managing Editor and Page Editor of Wide Load

Cayli Yanagida writes for the Capital Outlook newspaper. She is a managing editor, scheduled to graduate in 2020. Last year, Cayli specialized in InDesign, becoming the Copy Editor for Outlook’s newspaper, and is now the page ...

Kelsey Benton


Kelsey is currently a senior at Capital High School. Her expected graduation date is June 14th, 2019. Kelsey is currently enrolled in several IB classes. Kelsey has taken several classes throughout high school pertaining to writing...

Jarod Stevens


Jarod Stevens has proven his incredible writing abilities throughout his entire time at high school, creating wonderfully tragic short stories that leave his instructors stunned and in awe. Though the majority of his writing...

Annikah Alcott


Annikah Alcott is currently attending Capital High School. Her current graduation date is June of 2019. Her set of skills pertaining to journalism include introductory levels of Photoshop and InDesign, as well as some experience in p...

Cecilio Danila


Cecilio Danila is currently a senior in Capital High School, his expected graduation date is June of 2019. His educational skills includes experience in Journalistic Writing, Game Design, and the Arts. Cecilio is currently a wr...

Zoe Konopaski

Writer/Social Media

Zoe Konopaski is a 2019 senior at Capital High School. Always having an interest in writing, she feels bringing attention to topics such as  teen stress and why it impacts their academic performance and ability to succeed, mental ...

Yulisa Loarca

Social Media Manager

Yulisa Analy Loarca is currently a senior at Capital High School and is expected to graduate in June of 2019. At the moment, Yulisa is currently working part-time, as a Nurse/Medical Assistant at Olympia Women’s Health. Yulis...

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