Nash “Nuketist” Hammer Recognition


Introduction to Nash

Nash ‘Nuketist’ Hammer, is a relatively unknown student here at Capital High School. A student that likes to hide in plain sight. Someone who doesn’t have any type of recognition. Though not having any type of recognition, he has made an impact on those around him who know him and with his teachers that got to know him. Whether it’s middle school or here at high school, he’s an interesting person that may lack the answers or any type of information that may be useful but that’s okay, he’s a unique type of person that’s very chill. 


The Middle School Life

Let’s start with Nash’s middle school life, he was an anomaly during that time. He was dead silent, he was just part of the objects amongst the classroom decor. Which made him an interesting person, somebody who needed a friend. He was there. His classes that he had over the three years in middle school were ok. He passed them but lacked in some areas. However, he did attempt in most of his classes, at getting between a “c” to “a”. Though he does regret not attempting harder to get a better grade in some classes that may be lacking in motivation or effort.


The High School Life

Now, let’s do Nash’s high school life, or what was going to come with it. As a student, he lacked the motivation that it took to really progress throughout high school, he had the same mentality that he had in middle school, until the last two years when he tried to get ready to graduate. He spent a lot of his time just hanging out amongst the class students or teachers and had a positive impact on some of the teachers that decided to comment on him, the same can be said about the students who know him. Some teachers, like his TOK teacher, Alonso, said that he was very happy as a student during the school year and that he was a very important student in the classroom. Alonso stated that he was proud of how he was very respectful in the class as well as that he has improved over the years. Another teacher that is happy about having him is his strength training teacher, Mickelson. Mick thinks that Nash is a good kid and that he does everything that he has to do in the class. Mick is also proud of Nash for his improvements in the core lifts that they do in the classroom.


Out-of-School Life

Now, we move on to his out-of-school life. Nash likes his own time outside of school. Nash explained that he loves to read books, like light novels or mangas, mostly manga though. He spends most of his time doing that activity. However, there are times when he might watch some anime to pass the time like Vinland Saga, Overlord, or even To Your Eternity. He also enjoys those anime and manga. Though here and there, he will play games like Garry’s Mod, Generation Zero, or NeIR: Automata. In some games, he plays with friends while in others he plays by himself. 



Nash, the anomaly, the foolish pilot, he’s a really good friend, as well as a student for the teachers. He tries his best when it comes to being there, being present. He may be quiet and blend in the environment, but that’s alright, that’s who he is. He may have his ups and downs but that’s made in who he is. He made a positive impact, not on just the students, or friends but also on the teachers.


Nash, the nuketist, I’ve known you since we were in middle school. Even when things are difficult, I wish you luck in whatever you decide to do with your future. Continue making 



I will end with this quote, “I’m going to listen to despair while I wait for you to fly.”