Intruiging Person


Drew Ronning, Capital High School Writer

Jeffrey “L” Kramer

A Man of Intrigue


Introduction to Jeffrey

“If at first you don’t succeed hide the body and destroy the evidence” -Jeffrey “L” Kramer this man Jeffrey Kramer you might have seen him around before, always wearing a hoodie and beanie combo with shockingly long and luscious greaseball hair. The man himself is a lowdown chill dude who can chat with you for hours and insult you for the same amount of time too. He’s true to himself and the people around him and set in his beliefs about how he sees the world. Jeffrey is simply the average student but a good one and also a good friend to (most) people. 


Outside of school

Outside of school, Jeffrey doesn’t change very much, other than he wants to kill himself a little less. But recently he’s begun working at Goodwill while taking better care of his life and improving his well-being all around, he’s got goals to succeed in life wanting to become a computer engineer after high school. One of his favorite pass times is to build models of planes and cars. I and he both share a passion for vehicles which we’ve both spent probably hours talking about. Overall if you know Jeffrey you can immediately pick up on his good vibes and all-around niceness to the people around him. As well as this he can always guide me and others out of trouble by being generally the more “responsible” person within our friend group. Jeffrey is reliable and trustworthy to his friends.


Inside School 

Inside school Jeffrey focuses on the classes that he actually cares about like TOK or strength training, TOK being his favorite class, and Alonso and also Deakins being his favorite teachers at the school. Overall Jeffrey believes that the teacher is what makes or breaks a classroom and he supports the teachers he likes by being an uplifting, funny, and mostly smart dude. Inside of school, Jeffrey is the average student just trying to make by, when I asked him what he’s done throughout the school to be proud of all he answered was “graduate”. I think this expresses that he is a normal student simply trying to get by without needing to do anything extra or crazy throughout his high school career. 



In the future, Jeffrey wants to live a life of being able to relax on his own time in a nice secluded forest home without life to distract him. Jeffrey is one of the people that you’ll recognize through the hallways but never know too much about, he keeps to himself and wants nothing more than to live a peaceful life completing his hobbies without too many worries from the outside. 



In conclusion, Jeffrey is a representative of the average person, something that goes without enough representation within the educational system, This lack of recognition leaves many individuals feeling underseen and undervalued for completing their high school career they may suffer under the misconception that their worth is based off of their accomplishments that by comparison to the other students who chose to do sports, Jeffrey serves as a reminder that being in this position does not make one lesser and represents the people lacking representation. Jeffrey is an individual who has dozens of nuances and aspirations that get covered up by standardized achievements it is essential to capture Jeffrey as a man that expresses the people and the average person.