Cosmic Horror, A Fantastic Genre


Ryan Neff, Writer

The Overview of Cosmic Horror

Cosmic horror, whether you love it or hate it, you must admit, it’s a pretty fascinating genre of artistic style. To make a simplistic subject into something horrifying, just by changing the style of it; it’s truly innovative. There are many examples that are popular whether it’s due to the style or the story behind it, like Cthulhu, Shoggoth, or Kassogtha, just to name a few creatures that have a certain style with lore. H.P. Lovecraft, a crazed man who created the art style and the creatures that follow suit. A man whose controversial for what he portrays in his stories but no the less, but the style itself is more popular.


The Creator of Cosmic Horror

H.P. Lovecraft is the creator of the popular cosmic horror genre as well as many foreboding monsters. However, the pros and there, and cons begin. The art he had produced came from the fear of having a psychological breakdown which he coped with by making the mystical horror that we know. He grew up going insane and fearing death as a whole, which gave him the creativity to make the stories that he is known for. He was a crazed racist man, that’s not a joke, example is that the fish people of his stories were the Irish. He does not separate the body from work and that is shown in his stories. The imagery that is shown in his work also sometimes has racial intent to it.


What Makes Cosmic Horror Great

There are many reasons why cosmic horror is a fantastic genre, one of those things is that it’s mysterious, having an unknown foreboding entity break your mind is certainly something. The mysterious art style or film style plays a major role in having a fathomless or little understanding of everything that it may include with the style.  Cosmic horror can come in size and shape, it portrays different emotions depending on how it’s told. Whether it’s the world or the creatures/humanoids/humans, it can have a different effect on the stories. The art style, being dark and cryptic is fantastic, the dark colors that go with it, transform it into a gloomy manner.


Interview of People Who Know or Heard About Cosmic Horror

Out of the two people I have interviewed, Josh is one of the people who doesn’t know about the person but does know about the genre, and the second person, Drew, knows about both the genre and the creator. I asked Josh this question “What is your take on cosmic horror?” This is what he had to say about it, “I like it, I’m not super caught up on the subject, I played some games that had this type of horror,” the art style is very popular amongst games. I asked Drew this question, “What is your take on H.P. Lovecraft?” this is what he had to say about it, “he’s an interesting case study. to fully understand H.P. Lovecraft’s work, you gotta understand the writer and the emotions that drive him,” You gotta get in the mind of the creator to understand everything he has done in his time.


The Conclusion

H.P. Lovecraft and cosmic horror. What an interesting author and an amazing genre of art style. The style that really makes everything H.P. Lovecraft created and designed more interesting as a whole and expressed a creator who had crossed boundaries due to his nut case mental state.