Minecraft Presidents

Minecraft Presidents

Evynn Moore, Capital High School Reporter

As AI becomes more advanced, large celebrities have had their voices be imitated by the AI. They do this by having the AI sample voice recordings of celebrities on the internet and then having the AI mash them together in whatever script you create. People have been using this to create a very popular series called “US Presidents Play Minecraft”.

US Presidents Play Minecraft is created by a youtuber known as Presidents Play. This series has 11 episodes as of now. In this series there are three main characters, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and Barrack Obama. In some episodes they include characters like Ice Spice, Aubrey Drake, and Bill Clinton. Through these videos they play Minecraft together, make fun of each other for things in their presidency or in the case of the ones that are not presidents jokes based on the current memes about them. One of the regularly referenced jokes is about how during Obama’s presidency he used drone strikes very frequently. So the others would say something that Obama doesn’t like and he’d respond with something about drones striking them.

So far these AI voice deepfakes have not been used in a harmful manner and instead in a joking manner. However as technology advances and these get more advanced it’s not an odd line of thought to believe they can be used to spread harm. They could use these to make political opponents say something they did not in order to cause harm to their reputation, have false confessions, and overall spread false narratives with seemingly factual evidence.

AI continues to advance and change our daily lives, the question is what should we do. In some cases like the Minecraft Presidents it’s not harmful but instead a fun way to show seemingly enemies having fun together. This could be seen as a way to bring people together, but it could also cause a large amount of chaos and pain to the world. Especially here in the US where political opponents do anything to tear each other down in order to win, and where the news will do anything to make a dollar. This is a large issue that’s only becoming more prominent, people will start having to think about how to solve this issue before it can cause too big a problem for the world.