What’s Some Problems With Our Current Education System?


Kevin Nguyen, Journalist

     The current education system is outdated, a new system is needed to further grow the education of future generations. Here, we view thoughts and different viewpoints on our current education system.

     When we think of schools, we think of learning, togetherness, and a place where students come in and get ready for the world of work. That is what a school is supposed to be right? When you grow over the years, you start worrying about getting into college. Some have better chances than others and some struggle. One main factor shows some sort of failure in learning. 

From a New York Times article,

“One of the biggest flaws in the American education system is the amount of pressure that students have on them to do well in school, so they can get into a good college. Because students have this kind of pressure on them they purely focus on doing well rather than actually learning and taking something valuable away from what they are being taught.”

Jordan Brodsky, Danvers, MA

     There are lots of stress factors such as homework, finals, tests, expectations, and most of all, grades. Getting good grades are pressured and there are times when getting good grades are priority rather than learning.

     Focusing on just getting good grades is a harmful thing to do to a student because they’d stress way too much rather than learn the subject and try to move forward with life. Schools were meant to prepare students for the future, life outside of school. 

From an article on WeForms, a study was conducted and students were questioned about their school’s preparation for students’ futures.


“34% of students believe their schools are not preparing them for success in the job market. We need to fix the bridge from education to employability;”


Following that, McKinsey shares their research on this topic.


Previous research has outlined the correlation between mindsets and academic performance, but the shift to remote learning has put it into stark relief. Students with high levels of self-motivation, persistence, and independence have thrived, while others have struggled.”


     So how can we improve the education system to better support all types of students? This is open to many different answers and some may even think the current education system is fine. Knowing this, let’s explore one way to better education for students.

    Fit the curriculum toward students’ futures and let students choose their own career paths. Open more opportunities for more jobs and reduce the amount of homework and required classes that students would barely remember as adults. Students should be able to retain information that would boost them toward their career goals and should focus on what they want to do after high school. That’s only a small portion of how we can better improve the education system. How would you shape the education system?