Mr. Anderson is New to CHS!


Sophmore Charlee Yonker

Eva Cracknell, Editor

A new and exciting addition to the circus of our school. And while, unfortunately, it fails to be a two headed man or even a new juggler, because god knows we need one. While our new possible muse fails to be a bearded woman that doesn’t make him any less wonderful. Principals are odd, and I find myself wondering what their job even is, what responsibilities they withhold from burdening their student body. Principals remind me of Patrick Bateman, and before all of our incellous men jump to wrestle over the talking conch, allow me to explain.

They remind me of that god forsaken man because that is how I imagine their life to go about, of course, minus the whole murderous part of it all, or so I think. I just see them as these sophisticated beings that do things like play chess and drink their coffee black. I am now realizing Patrick Bateman is a terrible simile to use when discussing a principal. All in all, principals are not real, they live an imaginary life because how could anybody be that perfect. Nonetheless, all the way from Griffin middle school we have Mr. Anderson here to do some real work oh CHS!

Now I must say, as a former Griffin student myself, I couldn’t even begin to describe how overjoyed I was to hear that one of my favorite staff members from my middle school was becoming a part of my high school life. If I recall correctly, Mr. Anderson is someone that, no matter what, prioritizes the students, their needs, and their feelings. He is incredibly understanding and only wants the best for his classes. He wants nothing more than to see the people he cares about succeed.

To get more than just my personal opinion, I interviewed Charlee Yonker, an incoming sophomore at CHS, she attended Marshall Middle School, so she was completely new to the idea of Mr. Anderson. When asking her about her initial thoughts on Mr. Anderson transferred to the school. To which she said “I think it’s exciting, and I know that my friends from Griffin are excited as well. One of the things that she is hopeful for a change at Capital would be “Less strict and open campus, I feel as though the administration does not give us a chance.” She is hopeful that we can “Come together more to create a better environment” Personally, I agree with this statement. I think that The problems we face at Capital are because of select students, and it is a shame that the entire student body has to suffer because of the actions of a few students.