Check-In Assemblies: Are They Working?


You probably went to one of the Check-In Assemblies back in November that was hosted by our new Assistant Principal, Mr. Brown. The main purpose of the assemblies was to “check-in” on all the students and make sure that they are not late to class or absent often, that they’re not constantly on their phones in class and to make sure that the student population is in a generally good mood.

 Now, if we’re being honest, most people probably didn’t care about these assemblies or think they would work. So, we asked the speaker at the assemblies and CHS Assistant Principal Mr.Brown if the assemblies had any effects. We asked, “Has there been a decrease in tardies and/or absences since the day of the assembly?” He said that there was “a slight decrease in the number of tardies” and that this would continue “as the weeks go on”. We also asked him “if there had been a decrease in the number of referrals for phone usage”, as that had been a main point of the assemblies as well. He said that he had “not gotten as many referrals for phone usage.” 

Student happiness and morale was also a main concern of the assemblies, so we asked “Do you believe that the student population has been in a generally more positive or engaged mood since the assembly?”. He responded by saying “I don’t think my interactions with students have changed” So, nothing great or bad in that regard. Finally, we asked “Do you plan on continuing these assemblies for the remaining school year and moving forward or moving to a different, but similar, platform for checking in?” He said that they would probably continue with “quarterly check-ins” including checking through classrooms on a regular basis. 

So, all in all, the assemblies have not had a negative impact on the school and student population and they will most likely continue into the future.