Intriguing Person: Logan Powell


Deep into the depths of Digital Design class, Logan Powell was pulled to the side for the talk. Cast to the corner of the dark room, he was interrogated. Only treasures are expected to come out of this interaction. Let’s reveal his greatness.


Logan Powell strives to be a memorable person, remembered for his kindness and his exceptional sense of right and wrong. His interest in Digital Design has him on a path toward his career with amazing chances of success. He plans to continue working after graduation and acquire the money needed to get into his college of interest. 


What drives Logan Powell? His friends and his family give him the boost to keep him running. Not only that, but the strength of motivation activates when he pursues the courses he has an interest in. Powell gives off really good, friendly vibes and is willing to make friends. Regarding work ethics and getting along, Powell is exceptional in that field.


Don’t turn away or overlook this man because he is awesome. Powell has a plan set out for his life and has the drive to pursue it. With the way they think, he will make the right choices and do what is right for him and others around him. He will make a great impact on this world.


“Every day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact.”