PNW Fashion and Culture


Eva Cracknell, Editor

In November, the weather is getting colder. And while we had a good but way too brief exploration of fall this year, winter is upon us. As for a change in wardrobe for all Washington residents. With the colder months comes less gut wrenching outfits. We toss away our horribly outdated jorts and sandals, investing in clothing pieces that addmore of a homely energy to one’s aura. There is a certain comfort that comes with pacific northwest winter fashion. It seeps an outgoing top tone. It looks welcoming, and happy. Everybody adores fashion, after all fashion is one of the most diverse art forms. Think about it. Architecture, traditional art, writing, marketing all in one. What would the world be without fashion, a bland and dreary place that is. Fashion creates a part of the soul, it is a part of culture. 

If you think about it, culture isn’t just narrowed down to the United States,or other worldly countries. Culture can be narrowed down to a single household, it doesn’t have to be on the large scale everybody thinks of it as. Think of how differently people dress in New York versus california. Think about the aesthetic differences and different cultural energies that are projected through fashion. It is rather easly to boast about how unique you were because you grew up in Chicago and had to struggle for certain things. But take a moment from your blabbing to think of how that culture made you who you are. How is Chicago culture different from Olympia culture? Senior McKenzie Duncan said that she is “Sad that the fall weather was so short.” and that she “Likes fall fashion because she feels as though it defines who Washington residents are. You can tell a lot about Washington residents based on how they layer up for colder months” 

When discussing Washington culture, McKenzie said “Washington culture is very niche, it relates a lot to the environment. I feel like that is how every state is, culture is a result of the environment. 

I asked her what trends she was happy to see coming back this year, to which she said “Of course, flannels are wonderful, I am happy to see the teddy bear coats from 2019 coming back, I’m not that big of a fan of socks with sandals”

Fashion is a wonderful way to express yourself. And it is really wonderful that Washington has such a fashion that is so original to the energy that Washington carries. Fall and Winter are the times of the year in which residents can express this the most.