Attacks on Trump Due to Confidential Files

Evynn Moore, Capital High School Reporter

It’s been coming out recently that the executive branch has been able to keep confidential documents after they’ve left office. This isn’t legal by any means. First it came out that Trump kept confidential documents after leaving office, then Biden still had some from his time as Vice President during the Obama administration, and finally Pence has been found to have confidential documents as well.
In Trump’s case it’s a little more understandable because those were not documents but instead his personal journals from his time as president. However, anything written during his presidency is government property. The democrats used this as an excuse to put pressure on Trump and stop him from running in the next election. Trump executed his rights as an US citizen to refuse a search without warrant. The Media is using this to paint him as someone who was resisting and therefore must be guilty. However this is not the case as we have rights in the US, and exercising them should not open you up to attack. However as now Biden has been caught having documents, which I believe in his case it’s even worse seeing as these were Top Secret documents not journals.
Democrats in a desperate defense to not lose all the progress they had made against Trump are arguing that this is different because Biden willingly let the FBI search his home. This defense just doesn’t work seeing as it’s Trump’s inherent right in the US to refuse a search. If we look at this from Trump’s perspective would you want an organization that has been attacking you since you started running for office to search your property. Would you want an organization that has clearly been working for the democrats to have a chance to find something against you. I can tell you I wouldn’t.