Dune Review



Many believe Dune to be one of the greatest works of human imagination, and the universe of Dune has been a special place for millions of people since its publication in 1965. There have been multiple major attempts to bring Dune to the big and small screens since the 1970’s, with a picture ultimately arriving in December of 1984 and a Sci-Fi Channel miniseries following in 2000. Only one other Dune title, a Sci-Fi Channel miniseries from 2003, has been adapted for the screen. Odd production, casting, and thematic choices have characterized both films. Due to the richness of the subject matter and the universe, Dune is a very difficult book to adapt for the screen. There have been rumors and futile attempts for years. Finally, Denis Villeneuve, the director behind the epic and tragic Blade Runner: 2049, has been entrusted with riding the worm and bringing Dune to a 21st-century audience with a remarkable cast.

Two words: Dennis Villeneuve Dune demonstrates what a great visionary filmmaker who cares about the source materials can achieve to bring a famous Sci-Fi classic to the big screen in a way that is pure escapism to us. Dune 2021 is a visually and acoustically stunning, passionate, powerful, brutal, and captivating film that blows the 1984 version out of the water. This is due to some of Blade Runner: 2049’s rich DNA being infused into Dune 2021, as well as the universe of Dune’s scale and scope being improved, resulting in a magnificent adventure worthy of Frank Herbert’s words.

The fluid brutality of the knife fights, the way Fremen are depicted as murderous ghosts of the dunes with Arabic themes and style, the improved personal shield digital effects, the appearance and feel of fighting among the great houses, and so on were all highlights for me. Another standout detail was the depiction of the Harkonnen, Guild Highliners, and Sardaukar in the 2021 film. A strong element contributing to the film’s success was the increased peril posed by the impending sandworms that move just beneath Arrakis’ oceans of sand.