Are electric vehicles the downfall of traditional car culture?

Tesla Powered Porsche 911

Charlie Garrett, Editor

        Are electric cars the downfall of traditional car culture? Many purists would argue that the answer to this question is an emphatic yes, feeling that the vehicles they have built a relationship with and a community around are on their way out. However, the answer is not as surface level as it may seem at first glance.

        It is safe to say that up until this point in time most people are far more familiar with regular gasoline-fueled cars than they are their electric counterparts. Over the years electric cars have become more and more accessible and less of a luxury reserved for the wealthy. So why is this newfound opportunity for many being scorned by so many? I think the main reason is that, as a rule of thumb, people are resistant to change

        Seeing an electric car on the road today is a much more common occurrence than it was, say, ten years ago. A lot of people probably think that electric cars are a very recent invention but in reality, they have been around since 1884 but have not been as refined and widely consumed as they are today. The simple fact is people grew up around gas cars, they are a pivotal tool to have access to in your daily life and many would argue that they are a necessity. These cars give people a sense of security. Are they as high tech or luxurious as electric cars? Probably not, but that is something people are willing to forego for a sense of nostalgia, familiarity, and security.

       The main thing people do not realize is in a way, electric cars are giving way to a new age of hot rodding. In the 20s people began experimenting and placing different motors in different cars in search of speed and individuality. This was the catalyst for modern car culture and the same idea enthusiasts center themselves around today. Many people don’t realize that this same kind of thing is happening with electric cars today. It is a new frontier. People are finally starting to get familiar with electric motors and experimenting with making their own kind of franken-cars combining the new technology of electric motors and the old cars they know and love. Not to mention the practicality and Eco-friendly nature that electric cars introduce once gas is taken out of the picture. People too often look at the introduction as the death of car culture instead of seeing it as the rebirth.

Tesla Powered Porsche 911