Music For Sex or Music For the Heart?

Keith Porteous, Reporter and Editor

There’s a large misconception around the belief that musicians, singers and creatives alike share the motivation- not that of passion for their art- but, instead, that of receiving the praise and pleasures that come with the popularity and successes. How do we know the people we look up to are here to entertain us honestly, or are here to rob us and pursue their ulterior motives?

Success isn’t easy to come by; there is a large amount of luck involved. Relying on this slim chance doesn’t seem like the best way to find lovers. However, many have tried, and some bands you might know began their careers with this as their soul goal. The Goo Goo Dolls, like many bands, formed in 1986 in the pure hope they would meet girls at shows. The band thought they would only last a couple months. The success of their band and their passion both came later; and at quite a shock to its members.

Hollywood may appear to be filled with successful entertainers seeming to only be interested in sex and drugs. In this modern day industry, when far less thought is put into mainstream productions and music, everything is rushed out the door. How do we really know what we’re watching, whether being entertained or not, is pure passion-driven art? Is most of our media made by people who consider their work to be a way to support their addictions and spend time with their many lovers? Should we throw our money at everything placed in our laps?

There are still so many art-makers that are passionate for their work. Why is success not measured by happiness and being content with your work for everyone? Gradification of today’s world confuses our psyche, and distracts us from our bigger goals. Success is something that is defined differently for everyone; and your motivation to get there is important to consider. However, if we collectively change our mindset and measure our triumphs on what really matters, happiness will flow through.

Everyone is an entertainer in some way. Where is your bar set? How will you know if you’ve reached your personal objectives; whatever they may be?