Is Capital High School Helpful to New Market Students?

Students feel stressed from the work at school and outside of school. Some students think that having a class at new market along with having classes at the high school can be a lot sometimes. They believe that capital should be more mindful of new market students. 

This is an essential matter because students can struggle with maintaining a life outside of school along with work and new market and capital isn’t very mindful of it. I think that new market teachers would appreciate a change too so that students can focus more on each class. 

To attend new market you have to be a junior so this shows that it can be a lot because the younger students can’t attend. 

I interviewed 2 students, one from new market/ capital and her name is Jasmine, who is in 12th grade and one from capital and her name is Mckenzie, who is also in 12th grade. This gives a side from each student to show the difference between a student going to new market and high school and a student just going to high school, to give you an insight on the difference and why it should be changed a little. 

Jasmine, new market student, said that her workload at new market is more than capital’s because it is constant and she can feel stressed at times when there is a lot of work. She also said, “I think capital needs to be stronger for the new market kids because there are a lot of new market kids that miss a lot from capital and that isn’t fair to us when teachers end up being disrespectful talking about “time phrases” when we have other work on top of capital work. It can get hard sometimes”. I also asked her if there are ever times that she feels stressed from everything combined, she said only really when she isn’t managing her time well. This shows that we need more time to be able to do work and things after school. Some kids have work and others have things they need to do at home. The school changed the time we get out to 3:25 now and that gives students even less time to do the things they need to do after school. 

 Mckenzie, a Capital student, said that she can feel stressed at times from the workload and she thinks Capital should be more mindful of new market students. She said that she has a good amount of work at Capital. I also asked her do you think it would be hard to have another class at new market to attend along with capital and outside-of-school things? “Yes, it would be,” Mckenzie said. 

Will Capital change it’s ways from new market students? I think that if students can push the school to do more then they can eventually. It would make a big impact for new market students.