XM5(7) and the XM250, the successor of the M4 and the M249 SAW. What does it bring to the table and what it is sacrificing?


XM5(7) and the XM250, the successor of the M4 and the M249 SAW. What does it
bring to the table and what it is sacrificing?
The reason why I am talking about this topic is due to the fact that this is the future
of our military and people need to be aware of what the military is going through either if
it’s new technology or new weapons.
The M4 and the M229 SAW are two of the weapons used by the majority of infantry
teams. Remmington and Colt began producing the M4 in 1982; over 500,000 were built,
and the bulk was used on battlefields. The intended audience was the average soldier.
Production of the M249 SAW began in late 1984 by FN. Its goal was to contain the threats
as the squad(s) left the battle area. The weapons needed to be replaced because of their
shortcomings and the advancement of new technologies. The M4 is being replaced by the
XM5(7), and the M249 by the XM250.
For this, it will be a compare and contrast between the initial weapon and its
successor of it. We will look at weight and ammunition cap per magazine.
The XM5 (sometimes referred to as the XM7) is the M4’s successor. First, compare the
XM5 and M4 weights. We’ll examine it first without a magazine or suppressor, then with
one, and finally with the other. The XM5 stock weighs approximately 8.5 pounds, the
suppressor adds another roughly 10 pounds, and the magazine alone weighs another
roughly 10 pounds. The M4 weighs around 7.5 pounds when empty, 8 pounds when
equipped with a suppressor, and 8 pounds when equipped with a magazine. We might infer
from this data that the XM5 is somewhat heavier than the M4. Now, the maximum amount
of ammo that each magazine of the two weapons can hold. Up to 20 rounds could fit in the
XM5 stock magazine. 277 fury, which is little larger than a 762 x 51mm Now, the M4 stock
magazine size can hold up to 30 5.56 x 45 mm NATO bullets. Although the M4 could hold
more rounds, the XM5 just has bigger, more powerful bullets. A soldier can, however,
handle up to 7 mags at once.
The M249 SAW is succeeded by the XM250. Without the bag, the XM250 weighs
around 13 pounds; with the suppressor, it weighs about 14.5 pounds; and with the pouch, it
weighs between 20 and 27 pounds. The weight of the M249 without the pouch is around 17
pounds, 22 pounds with the suppressor, and 22 pounds with the pouch. With this, the XM is
lighter with the suppressor and without the pouch, however, it’s heavier with the pouch.
The M249 pouch can contain up to 200 rounds, compared to the XM250 pouch’s maximum
capacity of 100 rounds. The stock rounds of the XM250 are also the 277 fury and the M249
is also 5.56 x 45mm NATO. The average soldier can carry up to 4 pouches on them that
belong to the 250 and the M249 is up to 6 pouches.
The pros and the cons of the 4 weapons are varied, but the evidence that we have,
shouldn’t be a problem. Like the 250s carry cap is less than that of the 249 but the rounds
are bigger. I think the future of our soldiers is a bit safer with the weapons than what it was.
However, we won’t know until the plan goes into effect in late 2023.