Remote learning on Snow Days?

Ellie Adams, Writer


    The Seattle School District has decided on doing remote learning on what were previously snow days.  This has raised a debate on whether school should be canceled on snow days like they previously were, or they should turn into online learning days.  In my opinion, snow days should continue to be canceled, as they are a core memory for many kids.  As a student writer for CHS’s ‘The Outlook’ I am credible to write about this because it’ll affect other students.  This choice will affect the people in these school systems the most, and student opinion on the matter is valuable.

    During quarantine, we were forced to learn through remote learning.  These methods were proven not effective for many students, so why would we force students to use this method on a snow day.  Another key argument to consider is that snow days are a core memory for kids growing up, and why would we disrupt that for a method of learning that isn’t that effective.

    Another thing to consider is the stress this will put upon teachers.  They will have to deal with last minute changes, that’ll make it difficult to set up remote learning.  This will make this method even more unorganized than what it was like during the quarantine.  This will make it stressful for teachers, and even more ineffective for the students.

    Especially with younger kids, snow days are considered some of the best memories growing up.  Taking this away for learning on a computer especially isn’t a good idea for younger children, as they will be distracted by the snow outside.  Parents may also value these moments with their children, and taking that away wouldn’t be that beneficial.  It seems wrong to prevent children from creating those memories outside, as it is more beneficial to their development than attempting to learn online.      

    Snow days provide unexpected rest for teachers and students.  The school year is very stressful for students, and a snow day allows them to prioritize their needs for a day at home.  It also helps them get caught up on schoolwork, and allows for teachers to get caught up on grading.  

    Those following reasons are part of the reasons why school districts should not revert to remote learning during school closures due to snow.  It was proven ineffective, and why remove a core memory for many students growing up.