Super Wildcard Weekend Recap: NFL

Casey Martin , Author

This last weekend was a massive weekend for the NFL with the opening rounds of the wildcard happening on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. No doubt that it was an interesting and wild weekend with plenty of good games throughout the 3 days. The 49ers Beat the Seahawks 41-23. The Jaguars beat the Chargers 31-30 with an amazing comeback. The Bills beat the Dolphins 34-31. The Giants Beat the Vikings 31-24. The Bengals beat the Ravens 24-17 in a surprisingly close game. And Finally, Dallas blew out Tampa Bay 31-14 with 4 missed extra points. 

To start off the Seahawks and 49ers game was one of the better games throughout the weekend. The first half of play was a great showing by the Seahawks and Geno Smith where they were able to score a solid 17 points. The Defense of the Seahawks also did their job by holding the 49ers to only 16 points. But even with the excellent start for the Seahawks, things fell apart and showed why the 49ers were the better team with lots of mistakes and only able to hold the 49ers to 25 points in the second half and were only able to score six. Brock Purdy and the rest of the team had a great outing not making mistakes and showed why they were the 2 seed in the NFC. 

The Next game the Chargers came out with a great first half scoring 27 points while holding the Jaguars to almost nothing. Trevor Lawrence had a terrible half throwing 4 INT’s and putting the Jags in a difficult position. All in all, it ended up not mattering where Trevor Lawrence willed his way to an incredible comeback and beat the Chargers 31-30. The second half was terrible, showing the Chargers somehow blowing a 27-point lead which is just a master class at falling apart. 

To start off the Sunday slate of games was the Bills-Dolphins game. For a game that everyone thought was going to be a blowout, it turned out to be quite a good game. Even though the Bills ended up winning 34-31 it showed the grit of the Dolphins and really showed the mistakes that the Bills need to fix if they still want a chance at the Super Bowl this year. Josh Allen needs to clean up his INT’s and learn to stop the opponent in quick turnaround situations. 

The next game on Sunday was the Vikings Giants where it was really anyone’s game, but the Giants were able to come out victorious. Danny Dimes looks surprisingly good, which is the best he has looked in all of his other four years as a QB. This game also showed that the Vikings need a better QB than Kirk Cousins who can actually play in big games. They also need to improve their defense if they don’t want the same fate next year. The final score ended up being 31-24 Giants. 

The Final game of the night on Sunday was the Bengals Ravens where the Bengals won 24-17. Surprisingly another close game since the Ravens didn’t have their star QB Lamar Jackson and had to start the backup, Tyler Huntley. The game stayed close throughout with the turning point being Huntley fumbling on the one-yard where then the Bengals returned it for a 98-yard defensive touchdown, which ultimately sealed the game for the Bengals. 

And now for the last game of wildcard weekends was the Cowboys Bucs where not too many people were surprised the Cowboys destroyed the Bucs. Somehow in terminus fashion, the Dallas kicker Brett Maher missed 4 extra points! This didn’t affect them much as they still won 31-14 to kick Mr. Son kisser Tom Brady out of the playoffs. The loss brings a lot to the future of Tom Brady’s already long career, it brings up ideas of if he’s going to retire or stay with the team, or maybe even get traded. 

Overall, this wildcard weekend was a major success that produced lots of high-quality games and set up for an interesting next round of the playoffs, sure to excite the football fan masses. Hopefully, those games turn out to be just as good as the last weekend and set up for an interesting journey to the Super Bowl.