Why Puss In Boots The Last Wish is Better Than Most Animated Movies.


Auzy, Writer

Warning, this article will contain spoilers!

Last year on Christmas day, the world was blessed with the birth of our lord and savior, “Puss In Boots The Last Wish”. Dreamworks’ latest release to theatres worldwide. The movie has done very well in terms of both the box office and audience reception, boasting a high rotten tomatoes score of 96% and several more high-scoring reviews. 


The movie we got was different than the originally planned sequel to the first Puss In Boots movie. The original title was going to be, “Puss In Boots 2: 9 Lives and 40 Thieves.” and began production in 2014 but the movie was stuck in development hell and then later dropped. Then in 2018, the movie project was revived with the CEO and founder of Illumination heading as the executive producer. The director for Puss in Boots 2 was originally going to be directed by Bob Persichetti, one of the three directors of 2018s, “Into The Spiderverse.” But in 2019, it was announced that Joel Crawford would be directing the sequel. But nonetheless, with the movie’s budget of $90 million, the movie premiered and made $253 million worldwide.


Now as for the movie itself? It’s an astounding work of art, not by any means a masterpiece but it is by far one of the best-animated movies of the decade so far. The art of the film on its own is something worthy of such high praise, with an art style derived from both, “Akira,” and, “Spiderverse,” giving the film a look of a storybook rather than the grimy realistic look of the original, “Shrek,” films. The change in art direction helped the film become more than just another animated dream works movie and makes it a work of art as well. The backgrounds alone in this movie are beautifully done with what looks like a paintbrush and the vibrant colors bring life to both the characters and the film.

The plot feels realistic in terms of the cinematic universe that has been built up by the Shrek movies. Puss in Boots has died for the eighth time and is on his last life, so after retiring temporarily and hearing about the magic wishing star he dons his iconic boots and cape once again, going on to pursue the star. The characters in the movie are all just loveable, namely the dog Perrito that I’m sure all of us thought was going to be annoying. The original voice actors for Puss and Kitty both reprised their roles, bringing a feeling of nostalgia and just all-around excellent voice acting. The visuals as I’ve already mentioned are just beautiful and the soundtrack brings both the action and emotional moments to a perfect crescendo. 


Now, as for the villain, there are technically two. Jack Horner to name, voiced by John Mulaney, is literally just a murdering menace. But the real highlight in the villain is the titular wolf who is quite literally death incarnate. When the movie first parents began to complain saying that the wolf was too scary for kids and not suitable to even be in the movie. While the argument can be made that the movie is rated PG, parental guidance is suggested and lists the factors for parents to look out for. But overall the wolf is a character that’s designed well, written well, and just a fantastic piece of this already amazing movie.


Everything about this movie is just a work of art, the writing, the directing, the voice acting, the cast, and the visuals are just amazing. For all those reasons and more, that’s why Puss In Boots The Last Wish is just better than most animated movies. So, in conclusion after watching this movie 8 times and loving it more and more each time I think you should go and watch it.