Chromebooks, Do the Pros Outweigh the Cons?


This relates to my topic due to it being a image of a chromebook or a zoomed in image of a chreombook.

Ryan Neff, Writer

Chromebooks, do the cons outweigh the pros? It’s more of a yes and no. To answer that question, I interviewed 5 different people: 2 staff members, and 3 senior students. Vandiver and Komschlies we’re the staff; Jarel, Kevin, and Nash are the senior students. It happened between Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday all in the same week. The reason why I interviewed those people is that Vandiver can give his opinion as a teacher, Komschlies can give a more logical response when it comes to what the plans are, and the seniors for their opinions from a student standpoint.

The reason why this is important for us to talk about is that Chromebooks at this point are part of our school life and affect how we learn. When there are problems with them whether it’s a program issue or a physical issue, it can lead to a negative result on our learning.

First, we must understand why we have Chromebooks. Chromebooks were made to provide each student an open opportunity to have access to the internet no matter where they go, at the time. Before Chromebooks existed, that was not the case, there was a lack of learning opportunities for students. A one-to-one, to have students explore, communicate or collaborate within their homes or schools.

How this will go is that we’ll start off with the seniors then move over to the teacher and lastly the counselor.

The seniors had a general opinion of them, the Chromebook is decent though they need a better frame or better software and reduced restrictions. “I think they need some improvements and they have too many restrictions.” – Kevin. The restrictions had slowed the process of learning considering that we may need that blocked website or software to be used. “I think they could’ve chosen something a bit more expensive, stuff that the Chromebooks can’t do that we might need.” – Jarel. There is a bit of a limitation on what is provided with the Chromebooks that can cause a problem, like how cheap they feel, and a lack of sturdiness. Some of the weak points of the Chromebooks may be the hinges that Kevin has experienced.

The staff on the other hand had differing opinions. On one hand, Vandiver had a neutral opinion of them while Komchslies had a good opinion of them. “I used a mac for the most part. They seem fine I guess, I don’t love them or hate them.” – Vandiver, and, “I really like how all students have access to the tech as before of those who didn’t and did.” – Komschlies. 

One of the things that Vandiver likes about them is that they are 1v1, “It serves the 1v1 model, it’s durable and works well, and is cost-efficient. Several thousands of students have a computer now.” – Vandiver. As well as Komschlies like them for that same reason, “Overall, it’s a good thing. I saw kids with amazing access to different parts of the internet. We don’t need computer labs, kids can bring their own laptop.” – Komschlies.

Now let’s end that question, do the pros outweigh the cons? Yes and no. The general opinion of Chromebooks depends on the person and their own experiences. The seniors think they need an upgrade on the frame and less of restrictions. While the staff views them as a pro due to how open they are, and the endless possibilities that they provide. Though untimely, it all comes down to personal experiences with them. Now let’s end on this question, What will the future Chromebooks be like?