IB art class mural in progress


Asher Franzman, Writer

Capital High School’s IB art class is installing a mural into the H-hallway by the end of this year. The mural will represent Olympia, with landmarks, important buildings, and other defining elements. The project is independently led by the students.

According to Eleanor Hubbard (who is the student in charge of this project) on top of being self-led, “-the mural was their idea.” 

Another IB art student, Veda Svs, said, “We sketched out a rough draft on our chalkboard and now we have started the final design.” Hubbard also stated “they’ve just finished a rough sketch on plywood, and are moving into coordinating paint colors.” 

The students are excited to work on and complete the mural, “I’m honestly excited to see all of our ideas come together (especially the Vic’s sign) in the finalized mural! I am excited for the rest of the school to see what we will create. Knowing that it will be in the same spot past our eventual graduation is pretty awesome as well.” Hubbard added. Svs also stated that “It’s been really cool to collaborate and interpret each other’s ideas into the mural.”

As previously stated, the date for the finished product is not yet determined, but will be before the end of the school year.