Coping with Emotions

Sabina Salcedo

We live in a society where emotions are avoided and ignored. So many people choose to shun their feelings, but that doesn’t always lead to the best outcome. Shutting down these feelings can put a physical and mental toll on yourself. We sometimes want to believe that avoiding these emotions is the best thing to do, but it’s the worst thing you can do for yourself. 

Emotions are mainly ignored because people don’t want to appear vulnerable, and they sometimes feel like a burden and don’t want to seem weak in front of others. We live in a society where we have stereotyped emotions as a sign of weakness, which has greatly influenced the culture. It makes us afraid to express our thoughts and feelings because we feel like we are dragging others down too, or we feel like we don’t want to disturb someone with our “problems”. As humans, when we start to feel any pain, we want to make it go away. Unfortunately, we live in a society where people say it’s weak to show something so human. Still, we can also work as a community to help change that stereotype and help understand why it’s essential to talk about feelings. 

What happens when we ignore these emotions? There are many mental and physical negative impacts when we choose to avoid our feelings. It can lead to memory, aggression, and anxiety problems. Your body will eventually get so overwhelmed that it will just explode. Avoiding your feelings will also lead to more stress and harm the relationships around you. This leads to anger, sadness, grief, and frustration, which can eventually cause high blood pressure. Handling all this stress can also be physically tired and unmotivated to do anything. 

We should appreciate letting out our emotions because it allows us to form deeper connections with the people around us, and we better communicate with others. It improves our decision-making ability, reduces stress and anxiety, and improves confidence. Our emotions also bring people together and help us feel better when communicating, and it brings relationships closer and builds a stronger bond. Feeling everything that comes to us will also allow us to appreciate the joy and gratitude in life. 

In conclusion, emotions are not easy to face, and as much as we want to ignore them, we shouldn’t. You don’t want to bottle everything up so that it negatively affects your health. When you explain your emotions, you will feel better and feel more accessible. Expressing yourself is just a better choice and will lead to a more positive impact on your life.