An Interview With Ms Hunter

Rebecca Smith, Writer

As many of you have noticed, Capital High School has a new Vice Principal! Ms. Lilian Hunter came out of retirement to work with our administrative team and help make a difference in our school. Upon hearing about her arrival, Eva Cracknell, Claire Owens, and I decided to take the opportunity to interview her and get to know who she is.

For starters, we asked her to give us a bit of background on herself. Ms.Hunter told us that she was born in Denmark and immigrated to Canada as a child. Later on, she moved to the United States where she graduated from a high school in Tacoma, not far from here. She told us that she considers the PNW her home. 

We were curious as to what made high school education stand out to her as a career. As we can’t imagine wanting to work with kids our age, we asked about what makes teaching and administration in a high school so special. Ms Hunter stated that to her, high school shows so much promise and energy. The students and staff have such an energetic outlook on the futures and paths students can follow. She finds it “all so fun.”

Ms. Hunter came here already having worked with our principal Ms. Burke before. It is fun to think about administrators being friends as the job has to be difficult.

We asked  Hunter if she had any observations about the student body here and the general vibe of Capital High School.

She said that she was very impressed with the cleanliness of the students during lunch. In the past, she had worked at schools where students had no regard for cleaning up after themselves in the lunchroom and trash would be left everywhere. She stated that when she saw the commons after lunch for the first time she was amazed at how there was hardly any trash anywhere.

Hunter has plans on giving Capital High School students a platform by creating a place for students to express their concerns and make their voices heard by the administration. This goal has already been stated as a goal by the current administration so she will fit right in with the team. Ms. Hunter further explained that she wants to make the pathway for student voices clear because she values all students that make up our student body. 

Overall, it seems that Ms. Hunter has really been enjoying her time here at Capital, and we are excited to see what changes and improvements she has in store for us.