Seattle’s Van Gogh Immersive Exhibit

Alexander Walters, Writer

Starting at $36 for a standard adult ticket, the Van Gogh Exhibit is an incredible experience to have. Currently located in Seattle, it is an exhibit that has been touring since 2017 and with over 5 million visitors that is said to be well worth the pricing. This is an exhibit that was awarded Best 2021 Immersive Experience by USA Today and was ranked among the top twelve best immersive experiences in the world by CNN, according to their website,


During weekdays, this exhibit is open from 10am-7pm and on weekends it is open from 9am-8pm and visits are said to last from an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes. It is available to all ages, and masks and proof of vaccinations (or a negative covid test 72 hours or less prior to) are required to enter. 


After going through the exhibit, I can say with certainty that it is well worth the nearly $40 it cost to go through. It is very difficult to put into words how truly beautiful Van Gogh’s works are. Throughout the exhibit, there are multiple signs with facts about the artist through his life and where he was during the pieces. 


There are several different pieces of art that flicker between pieces of work, for example, one of them is a solid vase that goes between his flower paintings with a sign next to it that tells of his work with flowers, even little facts about him and the artwork.


Towards the end of the exhibit is a room, with walls that display the art. It is entirely possible to spend just hours sitting in the room, taking in the changing walls while they go through Van Gogh’s works of art.


After this exhibit, there is a Virtual Reality Room that is $5 to access or, if you have the VIP Pass, you can access it for free. Finally, before you leave is a small shop that is a little bit on the pricier side but sells a variety of items, such as shirts, playing cards and much more. 


This exhibit is truly a surreal experience to have and I would highly recommend it to anyone available, and maybe afterwards get a donut from the Krispy Kreme right next door. Or, stop by the new Tacoma Exhibit.