Thrifting In Cold Months

Eva Cracknell, Writer/student

When discussing the now overused activity of thrifting, the emotions can be an array of different things. Happy,Disgusted,Confused? To me, thrifting is wonderful, and splendid; the m and m’s in a bag of trailmix. Its so lovely however so utterly stupid and pointless I cannot help but laugh. It is ridiculous, but because of that ridiculous-ness it is a massive display of shenanigans that continuously warms the artistic minds of youth. Actually, I take that back; it is not pointless. It is a wonderful way to get clothes without contributing to the indoctrination of fast fashion, or you know, take pictures for your instagram and leave. 

There are many people who do not realize that while to them, thrifting may be a fun and aesthetic way to improve their style (yes, I just said aesthetic unironically) to others, it is their only outlet for clothing, and the sappy little teenyboppers that are sucking up their necessities, like a child gusting an over-the-top lollipop, really are a pain. 

Do you really need that coat? I mean, yeah it’s brand new and only fifteen dollars. But it’s winter, and someone in demand wants that coat so much more than you and will be devastated to find that it is not there, all because you liked the flowers embroidered on the sleeves? Not only is that wildly inconsiderate but also, flower print on sleeves? Really? Unfortunately for you and your eloquent dreams, you are going to have to put the coat that you so clearly do not need back. Because later that day, a character in search of a jacket will come across it, and be thrilled to see it resting seductively on the rack for them to take. 

I am not trying to be harsh and pardon me if I am coming across like that. The point I am trying to make is that during colder months, while you may WANT another coat, someone else is in DEMAND to have a coat. And while you can go to a regular store and buy it full price no problem, they can not. We must be mindful of those who live different lives than us, regardless of our own desires. And posting online about how you want to change the world, really isn’t enough if you are not taking basic precautions like this. 

I have a friend who likes to spend her time buying and reselling clothes from thrift stores. And, while she relishes in the happiness it brings her not only from how many people buy from her but also how exciting she has come to realize thrifting is, and how happy it makes her that people are willing to find a new source for clothing; she told me that she always makes a point to look for things like t shirts and shorts, and leave coats and pants for people who really need it.

“I hope that this winter people are able to get the clothes that they need.” 

She is trying to help people become more educated on this issue, because it is something that can be easily overlooked. Everyone knows that  if you are not in  need of warm clothes, you leave them for people who are.”

Now through this article, I am in no way trying to undermine thrifting as selfish, because it is anything but that. It also allows people to be more willing to donate things and look away from the environmentally and humanely harmful fast fashion. There are just certain things and standards we must be mindful of, and keep our morals in check.