Top Five Winter/ Holiday Activities


Ian Cummins, Writer

Top Five Winter/Holiday Activities 


As we enter the holiday season, we get to enjoy winter/holiday activities. There are so many winter activities that it could be difficult to decide what you want to do during the short season, so my 6th-period class voted on the top five Winter/Holiday activities.

These were the top five activities picked by the class, in no particular order.


Building Gingerbread Houses


A fun activity to do with friends and family is also a tradition for many American families. When making a gingerbread house, you can make your own gingerbread or buy a kit. You can find yourself enjoying time with family with hot cocoa in hand. 




Skiing/ Snowboarding is a winter activity that includes going downhill on a board/s made of wood or fiberglass. Skiing/ Snowboarding is an activity with a high learning curve, so don’t get discouraged. Though this activity can be expensive, it provides for a fun trip and snowy experience, “My Favorite part of Snowboarding is the total experience.” -Miles Salvi




A winter activity if there ever was one. “I always cross my fingers that it snows, just so I can go sledding at my friend’s house.” Sleds are made of varies different materials, you can find them made of metal, wood, and plastic, etc. Every time it snows in the Pacific Northwest, you will find people at the nearest hill sledding. 




Probably the oldest Holiday Activity still remains most popular. Regardless of the holiday, you celebrate during the winter, you still probably put up decorations. Whether or not you put up your own decorations, you can still enjoy them in your community. Putting up decorations is most fun when doing it with your family, but if you don’t like decorating, you can still enjoy the ones put up by your neighbors.


Building a Snowman/Snowfort 


“It’s Awsome” – Kaeden Haney. You heard it here first people, it’s awesome and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy building a Snowman or Snowfort. “I have simply never had a bad time while making a Snowman.”