Capital’s “PUFFS!” Production


Asher Franzman, Writer

Enjoy plays and productions? Looking for a spin-off of your favorite magical-wizard book series? Well, Capital High School’s own students are putting on the production of “Puffs!”

The play is directed by Capital’s theatre teacher, Kristina Cummins, who has also directed Capital’s plays of “Grease” in 2017 and “The Addams family” In 2016.

The play is centered around another magical orphan boy, but this time in the house of ‘Hufflepuff.’ This ‘Harry Potter’ spinoff stars CHS student Ben Anderson, as the main character Wayne Hopkins. With fellow CHS students Damian Clark-Perez, sophomore, and Amelia Anderson, junior, in the roles of Oliver Rivers and Megan Jones.

CHS stage crew member, Casper Franco, freshman, says,  “Everyone’s worked really hard on it, and the actors are really dedicated. They’re really talented.”  The dedicated actors and stage crew have been rehearsing and preparing for their roles since September.

With the play kicking off the week of September 22, 2021, the actors and stage crew have a lot on their hands. Casper Franco, stage crew, states that the rehearsals are, “Going pretty well,” and “We’re in tech week now,” which are usual statements from those in the middle of an artistic process.

Franco also says when referring to rehearsals that, “I’ve only watched a little bit because I’ve been backstage, but it’s fun seeing the characters come to life through the actors.”

For Franco’s first CHS participation, I asked them if they were nervous. Franco replied, “I don’t think so, it’s more of an exciting thing. I really enjoy theatre. It is really chaotic so we just have to make sure everything goes smoothly.”

The play ran a live performances from October 21 through October 23.