Senior Spotlight: Henry Tran

I’ve known Henry since the end of sixth grade. We had an end-of-year celebration for all of our “house colors” for school. Henry and I were both in the yellow house. I’m not really sure how we became friends but ever since sixth grade we’ve always stayed in touch. I think it helps that we placed a bet on our Snapchat streak because we have reached over 1,500 days, so whoever breaks it owes the other a smoothie.

Once we were introduced to high school Henry started off in advanced math, playing soccer, and joining clubs. He was a part-time IB student who worked in his family restaurant. Once Henry graduates he will be attending the University of Washington in the fall. When he was younger Henry remembers running around eating all of the delicious food with his sister. When they finally moved the restaurant to Tumwater was his first experience working in the restaurant. They named the new restaurant Pho 102 because you have to take exit 102. He first started out helping at the cashier because he enjoyed the math that came along with the work. This is when he found his love for math.

Sadly as he grew up he moved onto being a waiter which he learned from his uncle. He has acquired many different skills from being able to work there with his family, including strong communication abilities and attentive listening. Because of the skills Henry has acquired from his middle school, high school, and restaurant career, he is ready to take off into the world to continue a career that includes either mathematics or helping others in some type of way. Henry is very thankful for all the skills his family has taught him and cannot wait to see where he will go in life.