Senior Spotlight: Gage Nesbit

Satchel Sogn, Copy Editor

Senior Spotlight: Gage Nesbit

Looking for people to play music with was always a question left unanswered until I met Gage. Despite being so cool and relaxed, Gage truly is a guitar wizard. Gage and I have known each other since the start of high school. At first, I couldn’t quite get a grasp on what kind of person he was, and I wasn’t sure why until I figured out that he really is a jack of all trades. Surprisingly enough, however, Gage just passed the three-year mark of playing guitar.  Yet, he appears to be a savant. His mastery seems uncanny as if he has been playing since before he could walk. 

However, if he only started playing a few years ago, it is abundantly clear he has put in the hours.  “It’s kind of one of those things you never stop improving and I feel like I just got to the point where I just can do things decently on sight.” Interestingly, Gage claims that he never particularly enjoyed music throughout his childhood. It wasn’t until during the long indoor months of winter 2017-2018, that Gage bought a Ukulele to give himself something to do. He had recently started listening to some rock and had fun piecing together and learning rock songs on the Ukulele. “I decided to play my cousin’s guitar, and then bought my own. And the rest is history.”

Playing the guitar more and more has had a large impact on Gage. It has allowed him to have a creative outlet that is accessible at any time, or as gage puts it, “It’s a big staple as in an activity I can do.” Gage capitalizes on Lead guitar with his exceptional talent. Listening to Gage play, any band would be lucky to have him. Going into college any band will be lucky to have him, especially if he decides to start rapping soon. Gage enjoys contemporary music as well as classic rock and has been jamming on his own guitar synth lately. 

Gage’s natural musical talent is more than impressive. It will be incredible to hear him throughout college as he learns more about music and takes music courses at Montana State University along with his other intended major of Computer Science. One day in the(not so far) future, Gage will be making music just as prolific as some of his favorite riffs from Metallica. Playing at such a high level completely self-taught, there is no doubt that Gage can accomplish anything he sets his mind to.