Senior Spotlight: Logan Harter


Ryan Hanna


Despite giving up class time, Capital High School senior Logan Harter sat down with me to discuss his high school experience. Two thirds of his classes during senior year are IB classes, and while he’s not a full IB student, that is still plenty of work. Something he likes about his IB classes is that “It’s a bit of a challenge and it helps you later with applying to colleges and college credit, depending on where you go and your IB scores.”

With a spry sense of humor and a newly found knack for photo editing, Logan is quite popular among his friends, which for him has been just as important an experience in high school as his classes. He also played soccer for two years for Capital, playing on the C team. When I asked how it helped him in regards to academics, he said, “I suppose it helps you with your school work to organize your time better since with sports you don’t have as much time in your day, so it’s an organization and time management benefit.”

He credits the return to in person learning as one of the biggest stepping stones to graduation, saying, “Transitioning from online learning to in person and yet distanced and all that so that was kind of interesting getting back into a normal setting.” 

Logan didn’t always feel so comfortable at school. He told me a few months back when we first found out they we were going back to in person learning about how he had found a new rhythm in the process of online school. He initially wanted school to stay that way, due to loose schedules and lots of downtime. However, he came to in-person school anyway and that shows his perseverance in a very difficult time. 

Logan Harter might not be the most flashy or popular student out there, but he does the little things right. He has a good group of friends around him, and those things will take you very far in life.