Senior Spotlight: Jason Hang


At his mother’s salon, the one he works at, he spent the night cleaning to meet COVID safety expectations.

Erin Kemery, Artist & Photographer

Who can you always rely on? Who can cheer you up? Who can you beg for sanctuary from your parents? None other than Jason Hang! You all know him, right? Well, at least I do. He’s a close friend, basically my unpaid therapist, that I’ve known since middle school. Together we’ve braved through the tough Digital Design class and gave in to the rise of Magic the Gathering together.

Jason is a bit of a computer nerd and he has built his own computer with parts he found around. That PC is practically his own child… but he uses it mostly to play video games like Monster Hunter and Osu. His passion is computers and video games. So in the next year, he’ll be going into SPSCC to learn more about computers.

Jason Hang is also not from Washington or even from the Americas. He is an immigrant from Vietnam! I’ve seen him speak his first language, Vietnamese, with his mom, and it was so cool! He’s also had me try an egg yolk dessert and mochi! Mochi is ice cream surrounded by sticky rice dough. It’s sooo good! It’s so fascinating to be able to see, hear, and even taste parts of his culture. I wish everyone could experience that.

What you probably don’t know is that he is also really passionate about art and what you really don’t know is that Jason Hang works at a nail salon. You heard me right. And he’s happy with it. His mother owns a nail salon, called Design Nail and Spa, and he’s there mostly to help his mom. His interest in nails was sort of shocking, but he thought it was neat. He likes it because he thinks it’s cool to make his own things and that it would be awesome to do. He is paid well for his job. So to help with family, do something you like to do while also getting paid, seems like a win-win-win to me! I’ll be sure to get my nails done by him sometime soon.

When I was curious about how coming to America has changed his life, his response warmed my heart. He said it’s changed his life by giving him a more fulfilling life, allowing him to be able to afford all the wonderful technology that he has. He seems really happy here. And he is super glad that he is being recognized as an intriguing person, as Jason says it, “feels kinda neat.” A super laid back and kind person, he’s always there for his friends and family. I’m grateful to have been able to get to know him and I hope you do the same.