Senior Spotlight: Ryan Ginn


Ryan Andrew Ginn was born on the 25th of January. He has lived all over the country but is originally from the south side of Chicago.  The following writings will be about his life from birth to now. 


 Ryans life started in the south side of Chicago, he very quickly learned what the real world was like. He recalls a lot of good and bad memories from that time. He reminisced about his favorite part of childhood “was going to church, they were not only a community of happy and uplifting people but were also a second family. They were there when anyone needed them and didn’t bat an eye at somebody asking for assistance.” That sense of community is something that a lot of people strive for and to find that in a group of like-minded people was something that helped him pursue the goals that he is currently achieving. 


 Along with the good memories, there are also bad ones. At a young age, he and his older brother and sister were mugged. These were his words about the incident “it was rough even for adults, it’s not an easy thing to go through, it’s even harder for kids.” going through events like this age a kid very quickly not in years but mentally you understand the world isn’t a perfect place. That can be a hard thing to come to terms with but it can also set you up for success later in life. 


 I asked Ryan about a situation he didn’t think he would make it out of. One of the memories that immediately came to him was almost drowning when he was younger. “ I hated feeling helpless. I tried to get out of the situation but I couldn’t.” This is another example of growing up faster than most. Being helpless is a terrifying feeling even if you can’t help yourself in that situation and that fact can be quite daunting. Learning to move past it and find ways to work around shortcomings is something has done since a young age and will continue to do until his goals are completed.


 The person that made all those bad memories ok is his mother. She raised him and all of his siblings and pushed them towards their goals “she is the reason we stayed on the right track and didn’t get caught up in the wrong things.”  More than a community and friends, family are the ones who can drive you to the right path. She raised him to be the person he is today.


 After leaving Chicago he and his family bounced all around the United States until they eventually settled in Olympia. He attended three years of high school here. Now he is pursuing a computer science degree at spscc. After graduating from spscc he plans to attend the University of Washington. “My goal is to work in the Seattle or Bellevue area or possibly move to Silicon Valley depending on the job.” his brother has already graduated with a degree in computer science and is currently working on his own company. That is what originally sparked the idea for Ryan. A big reason for his pursuit of a college degree is the hope of a steady income for himself and his family. The struggle is not anything new to Ryan that drives him with even more ferocity towards the things he wants in life.


 The goal of becoming a computer scientist led him to start studying code even before he got into college. Currently, his hobbies are writing code for his brother, basketball, and video games. “I enjoy having a hobby that relates to what I want to do for work. It allows me to get a glimpse of what my day-to-day life will look like.”


 Everyone’s story is different from their struggles and achievements, some they will never tell to others and some that show every day through their actions. There isn’t just one intriguing person; each individual has a story that would drop the jaw of another person. This however is the story of Ryan Ginn a kid from the southside of Chicago finding his way through this intricate world.