What Is College Life Like During COVID?

Jack Zimmerman

The COVID-19 pandemic certainly has switched up a lot of normal and everyday things that go on in life. One of these things is college life. 


To find out more about what life is like in college during the pandemic I talked to 2019 Capital High School graduate Nathan Bunge who is currently attending Washington State University as a sophomore. When asked about his current living situation at WSU Nathan exclaimed that  “I’m currently living in a dorm about five minutes away from campus.” While not currently living on campus he explained that a lot of the freshmen living on campus are currently living in single dorms due to social distancing. When I asked him about how classes are he sighed and explained that “Just like almost every other college in the country we are completely online, which has its upsides and its downsides. I mostly feel bad for the freshmen since it’s their first year here and there’s not a lot on campus they can see or do because of COVID.” 

When I asked Nathan about how he spends his free time in college during the pandemic; he explained that “I do a lot of working out and have also taken up boxing, as well as hanging out with friends.” Nathan also claimed that because of COVID some of the extracurriculars he did freshman year have become more difficult to do. Marching band at WSU for example is one of these extracurriculars. “I loved marching band freshman year. It was great, I loved the community and everything else about it, but during COVID since everything went online it was harder to keep interested and just wasn’t the same anymore so I dropped it.”


Even though college life isn’t the same right now it seems like schools like WSU are handling it the best they can during the current situation. Hopefully, next fall things will be mostly back to normal in time for the incoming freshmen.