Revisiting Food Trends 

Kendall Hooper, Writer

During the lockdown period, people experimented a lot with cooking and baking. There were recipes from all around the world that were trending on social media such as TickTock, Instagram, and Facebook. This article is aimed at revisiting the food trends throughout the 2020 lockdown. The big question is did you try any of these? Here are a few lockdown food recipes that took the internet by storm. 

Dalgona whipped coffee trend went viral during the lockdown. With its dark whipped coffee floating on plain milk, the drink looked picture perfect and ready for the gram. The craze lasted for months making people go mad for this specific boujie type of coffee! 

Another trend that took the internet by storm is the Mug cake, a simple way of satisfying your cake cravings fast and efficiently. It can be prepared in just 5 minutes. People could experiment with different flavors such as blueberry, chocolate, and or poppy seed with this easy method.

Many people got caught with sourdough fever during the pandemic. Bread has emerged as the baked-good champion of the lockdown. On the other hand, those who never quite made it to the sourdough stage of bread-baking dusted off their loaf pans to make insane amounts of banana bread. Why bread and not other baked goods? Well, bread provides a certain control that the lockdown did not. In order to control the uncontrollable people turned to baking as a way to cope with what seemed like the end of the world. 

Others took their minds off the pandemic with miniature cereals. Pancake cereal is the newest quarantine food trend to hit TikTok and Instagram with the hashtag #pancakecereal, which had over 1.6 billion views on the TickTock platform and became a viral frenzy that everyone had to try. All one needs is pancake mix and a hot skillet. The viral trend for miniature cereals illustrates the appetite for creative cooking, as millions of TikTokers and Instagrammers are inspired to make their own versions of this insane mini-food.

With these four foods, we are revisiting the food trends throughout the 2020 lockdown. What seemed like a long stretch of time can be mapped through these viral trends! It all started with recipes from all around the world that were trending on social media and turned into a delicious treat.