A Reflection as Students Return to CHS


Ryan Hanna, Managerial Editor

The past year has been hard on everyone, but one area it has really impacted is education. Students stuck behind computer screens, teachers having to create materials and lessons away from their standard resources. As learning shifted to fully online for the first time, the app known as Zoom began its exponential rise in popularity. However, after a year of online work and hours of zoom meetings, we are finally shifting back to hybrid in person classes as the world recovers from the pandemic. 

As we re-enter schools across the country, there have been several subjects that have been hit harder than most by the pandemic. One such subject is band, and at Capital High School the band has been an esteemed part of the school for almost its entire existence. In only his second year at CHS, band director Tony Nguyen shared how his experience teaching has improved by returning to school. “The biggest thing is coming back and being able to build that culture, that sense of community. These kids have been together for anywhere from four to seven years, for seniors,” he said. “It’s really been great just seeing everyone come in, be around others and just share that presence,” Nguyen added.  

Another teacher who took a hit, albeit not as big as band, but a hit nonetheless, over the pandemic was Louis Avden. As a math teacher, a lot of the content was still available and teachable over zoom. But when asked how he felt about being back teaching in person, he replied, “You know, its challenging and difficult but way better than not seeing people in person.” Avden continued, saying “It’s still better than the alternative, which is we are all stuck at home. But by and large students have been amazingly brave and strong and and I’m proud of Capital students.” 

Even though the past year has has been filled with seemingly insurmountable challenges, we have seen as a community, as a school and as students that we have made progress and that we continue to do so. As more students come to school and as the school year winds down, there is hope for next year and the years after that we will be able to return to a more normal world.