Rising Asian-American Hate

Dottie Coleman, Photographer


The world is at unrest once again with the emergence of hate crimes against not only Asian American citizens but to those all over the world.


In the past few weeks, Asians, and more specifically Chinese-Americans, no matter where they have been born, have been experiencing hate crimes from terrorists through hate speech, beatings, and killings. This is a terrifying thing to experience, even as someone in which this doesn’t affect. 


The Coronavirus, and called by some Americans the “Chinese Virus,” has spurred new hate for Asian Americans. In just the past year, there have been over 3,800 incidents involving racism against these people. There have been incidents here in March alone with one involving eight killed at spas in March sixteenth. 


Throughout America, hate crimes against the Asian American population have risen to 150%, according to the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism. Further readings into their table show that these crimes are worst in California, where there has been a 162% increase in just 2020 alone.


Most of these crimes have been verbal assaults that involve hate speech and slurs. Though there have been rising attacks where victims are now being assaulted.


In more recent months, this has reached to over 3,000 reports of verbal and physical assault against Asian-Americans, according to Stop AAPI Hate, an activism group.


A viral video was released that involved 75-year-old Xiao Zhen Xie being attacked by a white man. She was punched in the face and retaliated by hitting him back with a board. Her grandson, John Chen.


Xie has been reported to be feeling better and a GoFundMe page has raised over a million dollars to pay for her medical expenses.


There are still far worse crimes the Asian-American populace has faced. In Atlanta, Georgia on March 16th, a drive-by shooting occurred. The perpetrator had killed eight people at two different spas, six of the dead being Asian-American women. Throughout the country, people believe that this was a hate crime.


We need to combat these terrorists through protests and help those being targeted. It isn’t a matter of “when” anymore as it shouldn’t be going on in the first place. How can we prevent hate crimes like these?