CHS Weight Room

Julian Carter

Power racks in the Capital High School weight room.

The Capital High School weight room is a place that many students and athletes alike hold near and dear to their hearts. Like any other part of the school it’s a place of learning, however in many ways it isn’t just some room filled with weights for people to workout in. It is a classroom with invaluable lessons being taught; Self reliance, self accountability, respect, and safety. These skills are vital and can be applied to any given situation that comes in life. Since the Covid-19 Pandemic hit, challenges and questions have arisen. The biggest, of course, being how the school would be able to safely bring students and athletes back. This question has been answered! New safety guidelines have been put into place in the Capital High School weight room to ensure the safety of lifters during hybrid learning. New guidelines have been put into place according to Coach Mickelson, he said, “The safety protocol will include such things as cleaning the equipment after using it, mask wearing, and social distancing in class.” Not only is there hope on the horizon in the form of students being able to return to the weight room, but additions and improvements have been made since last year sure to excite any gym-goer. The weight room is now equipped with a new set of dumbbells, power-lifting olympic bars, and  medicine balls! Mickelson however does not intend to stop there in terms of improving the facilities stating that, “Hopefully, within the next year we will be able to add a new cable crossover machine, and a couple of treadmills.” One thing is for certain: none of this would have been possible without the dedication of individuals to bringing students back safely, and providing them with the tools to succeed.