Trains: The Foundation of Civilized Society


Will Tolentino, Writer

In 1803, a new era was ushered in. This new era was due to the invention of the steam-powered locomotive. Despite its inefficiency and lack of refinement, it effectively demonstrated the merits of steam-powered travel. Before this, horses were used as the primary means of transportation. Horses were slow, couldn’t carry a significant amount of weight, and required rest. This resulted in slow travel times. Trains revolutionized transportation entirely, allowing for the quick conveyance of previously unfathomable quantities of goods. Trains also allowed towns and cities to be more connected, which promoted the dispersion of ideas. This is an important factor in the development of society. Trains are still being used today, over 200 years later. However, now more than ever, trains are under attack.

You might ask yourself, “Who would have such an evil thought as to replace trains? What could they possibly be thinking?” Well, my friends, I have terrible news to report. Elon Musk, a prominent dogecoin advocate, is aiming to do just that. His unholy agenda is to build underground tunnels that transport cars extremely quickly, with the future goal in mind for larger “pods” that transport 12 to 16 passages. This is not only an attack on the rich history behind trains but an attack on the people. Previously, Elon Musk has discussed ideas for a “Hyperloop,” an extremely fast train that travels in a near-vacuum. He’s since left these ideas in the dust, for other companies to explore. It is clear that some outside force paid him to keep quiet. Despite this, not all hope is lost. These hyperloop ideas have been adopted by the company Virgin Hyperloop, and are still being tested today. If we want trains to survive, we must support Virgin Hyperloop and boycott Elon Musk’s blasphemous underground tunnels.