Capital Theatre Department Presents Clue

Peyton Grace

Capital High School presents Clue, a zoom production the weekend of November 16th. Capital High School Theater’s first online play is a murder mystery created with green screens and computers. This show was created by a team of more than fifty individuals, and with a cast of fifteen students, leaving a lot of people working behind the scenes to make this show happen. Taking into consideration the social distancing that needs to happen, these jobs are even harder. 


I talked to Sam Holttum, a thespian and digital design lead, “My job requires a completely different skill set then an in person show, things are now a lot harder to organize and communicate with each other”. 


Sam Holttum is the lead of his team that creates the backgrounds of this show. During this show every aspect of what is on your screen took a team of people and was worked on diligently so that the audience gets the experience they deserve.” He continues to say, “I personally love this story and script and love how I personally contribute to how the audience perceives this show.” When I asked him about what he’s learned in this new position he said, “I’ve learned more about computer skills and communicating with others, especially online. I believe that this has given me the opportunity to have me work with others more.” 


I asked Sam Holttum what he would like to say to the show’s audience. He said, “I’d like them to know how much work and love is put into any show but especially this one, it takes a whole team and a lot of dedication to make every little bit of this production.” 


I interviewed Eleanor Dahman, a thespian and an actress who plays Yvette in the show and has acted in more productions previous to Clue. “I do theatre because I love it. It makes me feel amazing and brave, and I feel at home on the stage.” 


Eleanor then talked about how there are differences acting in this show versus previous shows she has been in. “You are acting and trying to become your character and think how you would react in situations, but the people you are supposed to be reacting to aren’t actually in the same room as you, and you have to make it seem to your audience like they are.” 


Eleanor went on to say, “It’s much harder, it’s been a challenge to keep concentrated during rehearsals with my family in the background. It’s also harder to not zone out during someone else’s line when you are acting into a camera instead of with another person.” when discussing why she chooses to do this even though it’s so hard, she said, “I would, (do this again) not because this is super easy or it’s better than in person. But because I love theater. This show is what keeps me from becoming depressed just staring at my computer screen all day. It’s social interaction, it gets me on my feet, and it’s acting which gives my heart a purpose.” 


This group of people need to create. Clue will be streamed on November 19-21st. Support our hardworking students and staff by seeing the show.