Virtual Live Music


Source: Anna Wirz Photography

Keith Porteous, Reporter, Editor

Live music is one of the many things that has been affected by the global pandemic. Artists, big and small, have lost upcoming gigs and opportunities that have cost them financially and their future careers. Luckily, live music is still a part of today’s current world. Media platforms that keep artists connected to their fans have a live stream capability that has kept live music going during this time.

I was lucky enough to interview Taylor Johnson of the band, Brand New Friend, on this subject and asked him how virtual live music compares to in person gigs and he had this to say, “It’s been cool! The best part is interacting with people & getting to talk to them directly. You learn a lot about your songs & how they connect that way.” The comment section has made it very easy to make the gigs a little more personal. I also asked Tails about some interesting things that are only possible through this virtual performance ability, “Anything can happen! The last time we did one, our little brother nearly burned the house down; Live on the internet. It’s ridiculous, but totally fun.”

Live virtual music is not the only amazing thing out there for musicians for right now. Something that has been really great for the indie music community has been Bandcamp waiving their fees for 24 hours on several occasions. “It’s so hard to make money these days and gestures like that really help. It’s also an opportunity to try & write more songs!” Tails commented on Bandcamp’s support through this time. Bandcamp is planning to do this again where 100% of proceeds will go directly to the artists of music and merchandise purchased through the site on June 5th and July 3rd.

I also asked Tails about what the band is looking forward to after live music and events are allowed once again, “Playing live is where the real beauty is, when you see people reacting to music you’ve written- there’s no feeling like it in the world!” Tails is a big music supporter in addition to performing and is excited to continue attending events, “being a part of the madness is unbelievable!”

Like many artists and bands during this crisis, Brand New Friend loves performing together, “Getting back to playing together will first & foremost be amazing,” Tails says. The band has had to postpone a couple headline gigs that will be really awesome for them and is eager to get back out there and record their second album. You can find their music on all major streaming platforms and make sure to support them and all the artists you love by finding virtual live music events to attend and buying music on Bandcamp on their revenue waiving days!