Expression of Art: Guitars in Olympia

Carson Gee, Reporter and Editor

Olympia is a city that’s filled with artists. One popular form is musical expression. Many people in Olympia enjoy playing instruments, the guitar being among one of the most popular choices. But, how does one go about acquiring a guitar, or any instrument for that matter in Olympia?

There’s many types of guitars ranging from acoustic to bass guitars. There are also many ways to play each guitar to fit different genres of music. How does one determine which kind of guitar to buy? 

Generally, acoustic guitars are very good general purpose instruments. There’s many covers of songs around the internet of people covering songs using an acoustic guitar, and many original compositions have been created. Capital City Guitars carries acoustic guitars and also provides a repair service for them.

Another well known type of instrument is the bass guitar. The bass guitar is used as a traditional bass in rock songs, and even more interesting things on its own. Alternatively you could play the bass slap bass style, where you pluck the string of the bass guitar a certain way to produce a different kind of sound. Bass guitars can be purchased at the same place as acoustic guitars, Capital City Guitars as well as Yenney Music.

The sound that pioneered entire genres belongs to the one and only electric guitar. The electric guitar can be plugged into an amp and has different knobs to find the kind of sound you want. Bass guitars also share this feature, both of them also can have whammy bars to alter the sound of the string you hit, giving a warbly sound effect. Electric guitars are seen in rock songs, metal, and all sorts of genres because of its versatility. Electric guitars can be purchased at Yenney Music, Capital City Guitars, or Music 6000.

Now, Knowing how to play the guitar takes a lot of practice. That’s why guitar lessons are available in many places and in many forms. One example is The Olympia School of Guitar, where people can learn to play guitar and gain general knowledge on how they work.