House Candidate Overdoses on Drugs


Chris Taylor

A photo from Chris Taylor’s Facebook he took.

Garrett Orwig, Reporter and Editor

There is nothing that shows the lowest of our society more than when Chris Taylor, a house candidate and a Safford, Arizona city council member, overdoses on drugs. How could someone like Chris Taylor manage to get mixed up with drugs? It’s time to keep an open mind and look at all sides of the issue.

Luckily, Capital High School’s drug and alcohol counselor, Lorissa Cloud, was happy to share a few words on this scenario.

“Drugs really don’t care what your prestige is,” Cloud said, “so drugs can affect anybody of any social status. Drugs affect rich people, famous people, poor people, middle-class people – it really doesn’t play favorites.”

Imagine finding out your idol does drugs behind the scenes. Think about how that could reflect on the people supporting them and our society as a whole. Cloud explained the bounce-back from something like this.

“I think it speaks to our humanity,” Cloud said, “that no matter where you are in life, people look for ways to cope with challenges that they’re facing, and that’s a lot of the reason why people turn to drugs. It’s a coping skill to deal with emotion, physical pain, mental health pain – those are a lot of the common reasons why people turn to drugs.”

Part of the reason people start to use drugs is the problems and pain they run into in life. Chris Taylor is a combat veteran who has probably had some less than stellar situations. Cloud gives some insight on how this could happen to Chris Taylor.

“Statistically, some of our veterans that are coming back from fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan,” said Cloud, “have a high rate of suicide, and we know that one of the risk factors is substance abuse, so we know that there is a high of substance abuse going on.”

The sad truth that comes from a story like this is that drugs can affect anyone, rich or poor, the political figures or homeless. Although Chris Taylor has suspended his campaign due to overdosing, we should wish him well on his recovery and hope he’s able to campaign in the future.