McFann Supports Capital’s Athletes

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McFann Supports Capital’s Athletes

Source: Media Stock Otaraev

Source: Media Stock Otaraev

Source: Media Stock Otaraev

Source: Media Stock Otaraev

Maddie Cognasso, Copy Editor

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The Boys and Girls basketball seasons are underway at Capital High School, with both programs lacing up and competing. One of the key elements that helps athletes remain healthy throughout the basketball season is the assistance and care that our wonderful athletic trainer Rebekah McFann provides for athletes.

Rebekah is Ms. McFann in the classroom where she teaches advanced sports medicine and intro to sports medicine. As the athletic trainer at Capital, she is known to student athletes as Rebekah, the sports trainer that can provide great help. Whether she is taping ankles or teaching athletes stretches, McFann is constantly providing care to athletes so they can compete safely throughout the season and remain healthy.

According to Payton Newman, a Junior Boys basketball player who has received help from McFann, he says, “She is always there for you if you need her.”

He states that, “It’s nice knowing that if you hurt yourself there is someone there to help you.” Newman has gotten his ankles taped by McFann, which helped him get back on the court at a faster rate than if he didn’t receive her help.

For students, she fixes problems that if not treated, would leave them unable to compete or play to the best of their physical ability.

Having a knowledgeable athletic trainer gives students a chance to receive advice and treatment when they need it from someone they know they can trust.

Nicole Lindblom a Junior basketball player who has gotten stretching advice from McFann, says that, “She spends so much time helping students out,” and is “really positive and helpful”.

Just like any sport, every minute practicing and competing is valuable. According to Mark Mansfield, the Girls JV coach and Varsity assistant coach who has coached CHS girls for 7 years states that without McFann, “so many more athletes that get injured would lose practice and game time.”

“She gets the student athletes back on the floor because of what she does.” Coaches appreciate her because of how hard she works to provide athletes with good care.

Our athletic trainer is very educated in sports related injuries, providing taping, icing, stretching, and her sports medicine knowledge to help students perform to their best ability on the court.

Mansfield says that his team “knows [they] are in good hands” with McFann as their athletic trainer. She attends every home game of every sport at Capital High School and for basketball, she checks in throughout winter break which both programs practice through.

McFann herself states that, “There are different needs for all teams,” but basketball is more intense. Injury is bound to happen throughout any sport, but especially basketball because it is so competitive and physically demanding.

Basketball season among each program would not be possible without the excellent care McFann provides for the student athletes of Capital High School.

Maddie Cognasso, Copy Editor/Writer

Maddie Cognasso is a copy editor for the Outlook Newspaper at Capital High School. This is her first year in Journalism, however she has taken honors english...

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McFann Supports Capital’s Athletes