Bowling is a Fantastic, Meaningful, Life-Long Sport

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Bowling is a Fantastic, Meaningful, Life-Long Sport

Lizzy Miles bowling
Source: Cara Surrett

Lizzy Miles bowling Source: Cara Surrett

Lizzy Miles bowling Source: Cara Surrett

Lizzy Miles bowling Source: Cara Surrett

Cara Surrett, Photographer

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Girls bowling is a sport people don’t typically hear about on a regular basis but last year, the Capital Girls Bowling team placed 7th in state and the year prior placed 6th in state.

Everyday Capitals bowling team goes to Westside Lanes and practices release drills, targeting, cheering and overall how to have a fun time.

This year the bowling team has 11 seniors on the team and a wide range of Juniors and Sophomores. This year seems to be a building year for the lady bowlers due to the loss of last years seniors. Since this is a building year for the ladies, the team is doing pretty good with a total of 5 wins and 3 losses mid season.

Coach Deakins as head coach for the 6th year in a row. Deakins has lead the girls bowling team to state for the past two years in a row and plans on leading the girls to state for the third year in a row this year.

Team captains for the bowling team this year are Seniors and both SPSCC students Jackie Pust and Anna Richardson. When asked what her favorite part about being a captain for the girls bowling team Jackie Pust said, “Being able to get to know and meet such awesome teammates all interested in the same sport I love.”

Last year the bowling team got new and improved bowling jerseys compared to the ones they had since bowling was first announced as a sport. These new uniforms consist of under armour dry-fit quarter zip jerseys that are very cute with red and grey stripes.

The girls bowling team just had their annual bowl-a-thon at westside lanes on December 1st and had a pretty good turnout this year. The top 4 varsity girls Lizzy Miles, Anna Richardson, Jackie Pust, Miranda Smith all bowled against the dean of students, Mr. Grimm, the athletic director, Mr. Taylor, the Principal, Mr. Cleveringa, and the Baseball Coach, Mr. Shannon.

When asked, Delaney Kennedy, 12, on the bowling team how she felt about joining the team and the environment of the team she expressed how much she “loved” the environment and the ladies she bowls with everyday.

Kennedy said, “I can gladly say that bowling is one of those sports that you can genuinely enjoy and have fun while doing. Some days you have off days and your ball doesn’t go where you want it to go where you want it to go but the coaches and teammates are always trying to help and cheer you on so you feel your best while bowling and become the best bowler you can be.”

Esteemed manager Sydney Grimm, senior, said as a third year team member, was disappointed about not bowling, but still wanted to be a part of the team and found an opportunity in managing. “ My favorite thing about bowling are the freinds. The team we make that is loving and supportive. My friends on the team are some of my closets friends and I would not change that for anything.”

Hanna Mead, senior, has bowled for two years, and values, in addition to the fantastic friendships is “always challenging myself to get better and, of course, being able to particpate in my fave, our pick up cheer.”

Bowling is one of those sports people refer to as a life long sport.

You may not be able to play football when you are fifty, safely, but you will be able to bowl.