Stan Lee’s Death and it’s Great Impact


Corrin Kauff

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Corrin Kauff, Photographer

Comics have been a growing form of storytelling around the world since the 1930’s. A great contributor to this form is a very well known man who grew in popularity during the comic medium’s ‘Silver Age’. The creator of Spiderman and many more of your favorite heros, Stan Lee, who passed away November 12th earlier this year. He may not have Spider-like abilities or an Iron suit, but he had the power to inspire and entertain through every comic you picked up. This famous old geezer explained to Larry King in an interview that he stumbled upon comics by accident in his younger years, admissioning to an interning job in the comic division of a big magazine company around the age of 18. All he did was fetch sandwiches for the only two men who worked in that division, Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, proofread finals before print and refilled ink. Noticing Stan’s ambition to proofread and correct comics, the two men gave Stan an opportunity to write his own comic and ever since then Stan discovered what he wanted to do for the rest of his life, starting Marvel with the two men that helped him start his own comics in the mid-1960s.

Stan Lee’s death made a great emotional impact on the company, family, and millions of fans. Some of us even ask, what will happen to Marvel and future creations? In 2015, Stan Lee answered this kind of question giving his own opinion to what he thinks will happen after his death during his panel at the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo. “Nothing will happen.” he said, “All I do is go to panels, and conventions these days. I’m not doing the books anymore. They have a bunch of geniuses who are doing great books, and great movies.” Stan gives great praise to current comic book creators and filmmakers within his company. He himself does not see a future of change.

He does not contribute in the stories and art of newer, modern comics that you commonly see now. Stated by Marvel themselves, the last thing he personally worked on with a few other creators was back in the late 80s to early 90s with a Silver Surfer series. As Stan Lee reached his golden years, he had been in many film and comic cameos, did endless panels at numerous conventions and did many boring yet important business inquiries for his company. Stan Lee was a very social man, his drive is to make people smile and he appreciated working with people with a sense of humor. He made sure he made friends with everyone especially the actors who gained the privilege to be his creations.

Marvel itself consists of so many jobs and work bases. There are over 25,000 employees who are artists, writers, editors, publishers, cinematographers and directors who all work hard each day to create new adventures and plots for both newer and ongoing older heros. Even though Stan Lee is now rested after 95 long years, nothing drastic will change to Marvel itself, but Stan lee has changed our lives positively, and we hope he had an amazing time living.