Incredibles 2


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New poster for the Incredibles 2 movie, coming this summer.

Jaime Wiedemeier, Writer

As many people already know the release date of Incredibles 2 is getting closer and closer. The set date is June 15, 2018. Most of the older generations are the most excited because they grew up watching this movie and waited fourteen years for this sequel. The fourteen year gap is the longest gap for any pixar movie with Finding Dory at a close second with a thirteen year gap.

The movie is set to take place right where the first movie ended. Here’s a slight recap of the ending in case you forgot, Syndrome created the Omnidroid to take out superheroes and his next target is Mr. Incredible. As the battle goes down in Metroville the Omnidroid recognized Syndrome as the enemy and starts attacking the remote to control it and knocks him unconscious. The rest of the Incredibles and Frozone team up to stall until Mr. Incredible arrives. Mr. Incredible picks up the remote and figures out the only way to destroy it is to make the Omnidroid destroy itself. Syndrome then has Jack Jack in the air and that’s when we realize what Jack Jack’s power is, shapeshifting. He turns himself into a flaming baby causing Syndrome to drop him and Mrs. Incredible grabs him out of the air. Syndrome is still in the air and goes into a plane engine so we are assuming he’s dead.

Brad Bird, the writer, says it took so long to create this sequel because he wanted it to be as good as the first one. He’s using some ideas that he had left over from the first movie and came up with equally as good ideas too. Bird hopes that it will be as successful as the first movie and looks to please everyone. Lots of little kids are excited about a superhero movie, but Bird knows it’s mainly the teenagers and up who have been waiting for a while for this.