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Edith Abbenhaus, Writer

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Every year the rumor passes around Capital High School that this sport or another sport is supposed to get new uniforms. But when the season starts and no new uniforms have arrived, it raises the question of why?

In an interview with Steve Taylor, Capital High School’s Athletic Director, he stated that to ensure fairness and to monitor costs, “There is a uniform rotation, and it’s a four year cycle.”

Taylor stated that the high cost of uniforms is the main factor in why a rotation exists because “ASB doesn’t cover the whole cost of the uniforms.”

The cost of purchasing all sports uniforms in one year would cost around 55,000 dollars. But only relying on the ASB office to pay for sports uniforms is unnecessary. If ASB approves a fund raiser, those funds can help contribute to the cost of their uniforms and allow for ASB funding to stretch further in supporting all of CHS.

But even if the sport raises enough money to buy their uniforms for that year. They are required to wait until their rotation turn. This is to support equity as some sports naturally bring in more money than others. To some, this can seem unfair, but there is more to a sport than a uniform and to avoid the incorrect image of school preference, a rotation is enforced.

This year the new uniforms bought for Capital High School were for football, and bowling. But bowling was given a donation from the Booster Club to help cover the uniform cost. Bowling uniforms this year, are three quarter zip’s, with red and grey horizontal strips. Its very different from their last style of uniforms.

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Uniform Schedule